Friday, April 4, 2014

My Kid Crapped in a Hat...

We are in the midst of potty training Hazel and so far it's really hit or miss. It seems to work for her to keep a potty chair in the living room where the kids play and she just wears a shirt or dress with nothing on the bottom so she can easily go. This morning she pooped in the potty twice, all by herself!! Yay! And then things went wrong. So so wrong.

I was getting ready to make lunch so I stepped in to the spare room to print out my recipe. Of course, the printer was out of ink, so I had to mess around with it to get the new ink put in. I finally got the printer working and sat down to look the recipe and compare it to another on quickly before I printed it. 

That's when I smelled it. 

For a very brief moment I thought hoped that I just needed to empty the diaper pail that is in that room. Then as common sense took over and I went to check on her, I prayed that she had just pooped in the potty again.  I was wrong.

Then I saw it...

There was poop smeared on a little wooden stool and poop on the floor next to it. 6 feet away there was poop on the floor by the rocking chair and a puddle and there was another puddle 6 feet from there by the toys. There was also a hat (2, actually) from our dress up bin upside down next to the chair and in the hat(s) was POOP! She pooped in a hat! And there was Hazel smiling away. 

Panic washed over me. Shear panic.

I told yelled for Hazel to stand by the potty so she didn't step in anything and I had to put Julian in the high chair to keep him from getting in to the mess. After a few OMG, OMG's I got the poop picked up and Hazel cleaned up. This whole time, she is telling me how gross and stinky it is and blaming the smell on me (I blame her dad for that).

As I knelt down to clean up the puddles it dawned on me...Where is my husband?! He is never when there is a poop catastrophe! Lucky guy!

Just as I sent him a text telling him to hurry home, he walked in the door. 

As he walked in I just laughing like a crazy person. I mean, seriously, in that situation you laugh because if you don't you'll cry.

So...My kid crapped in a hat. How was your day?

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